10,000 Buddhas


On a cloudy day...

...In late April 2017, Bay Area local artist, Amanda Giacomini (aka @10,000 Buddhas) and her assistant, June McCrory arrived at local yoga and wellness studio Zen Lot located in the Carneros region of Napa Valley. They painted for 8 hours in shades of sky blue, sea foam green, and adobe earth. At the end of the day, they left roughly 40 — in the sequences of 9,591- 9,629 — buddhas imprinted on the exterior south-facing walls of the studio. The tranquil images are easily seen driving alongside Old Sonoma Road or from the patio of the adjacent Southside Café. It was a project in the works for months to bring this world-renown artist here to the valley. Studio owner, Jennifer Heminger was so taken with Amanda’s widely-recognized 10,000 Buddhas project she knew it had to Zen Lot from the beginning. The burgeoning studio was created with the intention of working in collaboration with many local artists, as Heminger appreciates the similarities between the artistic process and the practice of yoga. Both push you to grow and shift and an individual, both are about expression and movement of energy, and ultimately about creation of community. Amanda embodies both practices so beautifully, it felt as though Zen Lot was meant to have her be apart. 

Within a couple months of creating the Napa instillation, Amanda completed her 10,000 Buddhas project! Follow her on instagram @10000Buddhas to see her #morebuddhas continuation.