Founder and Owner of Zen Lot,  Jennifer was slow to listen to her intuition about beginning a career in the healing arts... Once she finally dipped into a life of meditation, bodywork, and yoga after a life-changing car accident in 2004 there was no turning back. Still a recent college grad from UC Berkeley well on her way to beginning a career in journalism, she rerouted her life toward a wellness education.

Since that time Jennifer has devoted herself to living with deeper purpose...her Svadharma, which she has been a student of for over a decade, is ultimately in inspiring others to find their own creative wellness solutions. Through using myriad healing modalities, Jennifer believes we each are responsible for participating in crafting our own wellness recipe, including support guides along the way. In her own studies of bodywork, yoga, and herbology the wisdoms she has found have become deeply rooted in every thread of her life. A California State Certified Massage Therapist, a trained herbalist - specializing in medicine making, and yoga instructor, Jennifer is passionate about offering her knowledge to her clients in ways that can support their own healing.

Believing with every fabric of her being that we all have an innate wisdom within, it has become her passion to cultivate a listening heart. We are all chock-full of innate wisdom ready to guide us along our own path. Yet, we also live in a culture that often rewards us for powering throug and ignoring that very consciousness.  Through regaining our access to "self,"through better self-care techniques & remembering a compassion toward other, we can find balance once again." 

Find Jennifer at Zen Lot for massageprivate yoga, and weekly yoga classes.

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 Jennifer in front of the hanging scroll  the himalayas  by Angela Tirrell, in the Zen Lot Yoga Room

Jennifer in front of the hanging scroll the himalayas by Angela Tirrell, in the Zen Lot Yoga Room