Receiving regular bodywork is essential to living a healthy life..Give Yourself Permission to Arrive. Allow yourself to be held. Take pause and enjoy.

We prefer the term Bodywork here as opposed to Massage, because it is truly that -- a therapeutic session to help you live more vibrantly. Before I heard it applied to hands-on-therapy, I used to associate the term bodywork with taking my car into the shop. And, truthfully -- it's a great analogy. We have no qualms taking our cars for tune-ups, but how much do we push our bodies daily, just expecting them to cooperate with resilience. That residence, is possible. It is earned and developed through our deeper relationship with self and a commitment to self-care. All bodywork services are with Zen Lot owner, Jennifer Heminger. You can read more about Jennifer's training and perspective or just book an appointment with the above booking server.  Online booking is absolutely the best way to set yourself up. With a small crew (and one that is often with our clients and students!) we heavily rely on this feature... We hope you enjoy its convenience too!  -- Jennifer


G R O U N D        1H • 108

Take time to step away from it all and find your GROUND. Allow the tension to soften as you receive this session crafted with love, intention and skill. With attention to head to toe your body will thank you for the time to reconnect with you!


N O U R I S H        1H 15M• 135

Go further with NOURISH. Take time to melt away stress on a warm bed while the details of your day fall the the waste-side. This hour and fifteen minute session deepens the work of the GROUND. Use the extra time for the neck, shoulders or feet. Crafted with love, intention and skill, this is a living piece of art with you at the core.


U N R A V E L         1H 30M • 162

Journey inward. Become the fullest expression of your being and heal. Ideal for those who haven’t had a session in a while, this time to UNRAVEL will help your body restore and repair, rebuilding even better. Discover mind-body connection, joy, and relief. Perfect for those who feel stuck in their heads, the time to UNRAVEL is a way to experience physical, mental and spiritual bliss.


R E N E W          2H • 216

Taking time to RENEW is vital every now and then. Decompress the knots of the soul in this luscious two-hour treatment. Allow yourself to soften in, maybe even reach deeper meditative states as your sense of time dissolves. This session is divine for those who live with chronic pain. Allow this time to give you, time to RENEW...even down to the cellular tissue.


A N E W          2H • 208

Warm stones hand-harvested from Lake Tahoe & Moonstone Beach in California with soothe your muscles as you let go of your busy mind. Connect with your breath. Allow yourself to melt away to the relaxing rhythm of this session. Time will fade away as you step into this mode of rest and recharge. Walk away feeling ANEW.


. Sessions begin with a mini consultation with CMT, Jennifer Heminger before you getting grounded once more.