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Solo Art Show "Allowances," with Jenny Feinberg

  • Zen Lot 2762 Old Sonoma Road Napa, CA 94558 (map)

Jenny's creative practice represents the reconciliation of darkness and light as we navigate a world that sometimes feels a bit too stimulating. She thinks of her expression as a "sacred unraveling," knowing that the act of creation itself is unpredictable. To engage fully in this internal tug-of-war, she abstracts the dichotomies elicited from pride and pain, joy and struggle. Her intention is to invite the viewer into her emotional contemplations on the canvas, giving you permission to reflect a narrative that feels most aligned with your own experience.

Her solo show, "Allowances," presents Jenny's approach toward discovering for herself what it means to be true. Through a series of watercolor works, Jenny takes you on a journey of reconsidering everything we've been told is true. In this moment of profound social upheaval, every single one of us is allowed to question and reinterpret how we wish to live. Our language and our expressions matter more now than ever. What feels true? What's it like to move through the world as You? Curiosity and compassion are weaving their way into how we communicate and relate, and yet there's still so much we must address and heal. 

The exhibition is designed to empower and guide you to reclaim an agency you've always had, to shift your terms to feel safe and more alive. What allowances will you lean into?

Jenny's current (available) work is posted regularly on Instagram:


Jenny Feinberg is a writer, speaker, and community organizer. She wishes her paintings could hug every Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) who's ever felt overwhelmed or unsure of how to express themselves. Jenny's currently writing a book to share her personal journey of facing a blank canvas over and over again, in spite of motivation or mood.

Her first solo exhibition, "Expressions of a Voice," took place in San Francisco in 2017. She recently exhibited "Allowances" as a solo show in Los Angeles in June 2018. Before engaging professionally in the arts, Jenny ran a coworking community called Makespace, helping creators find solace in welcoming spaces to feel less alone. Prior to this, she spent 10 years working in public service (on the federal level down to the local level). Much of her political work focused on training and identifying women to run for local office. She is a seasoned campaign strategist and lifelong feminist.

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