sustainable. organic. recycled. repurposed.

Rippling this commitment into every facet of the business, Zen Lot's owner Jennifer is devoted to using sustainable, responsible, organic, and local materials and products when possible. From our cork floor and non-toxic paints, to our yoga props, and massage oils, we strive to bring the connection to our earth back into our business interactions.  Supporting other like-minded purveyors and small businesses who supply us our goods with intention woven into every fabric of the business is the way we keep this connection flowing. 

Our local purveyors include: Skin Dharma, Biophilia Botanicals, OmCali.  Our larger community of collaborations that are earth-conscious are Manduka, Live Zola, and several others.

We committed to using low-toxic paints in the building of Zen Lot, and continue to offer soaps and cleaning products that are in alignment with better care of our planet going forward. We hope to inspire you to join our intentions.