Your Physical and Spiritual Transformation Begins Here


The philosophy we embody at Zen Lot is that yoga is for everyone. 

Our classes are taught with care by well-trained instructors able to create a container for all-levels of students in mind. With intuitive teaching, we will teach to who arrives,  allowing you, the student to choose the level of practice you are up for in any given class. We will offer you variations, hands on assist, and verbal cuing to support your practice.

Public Classes

Allow Yourself to Be Held. For us, the practice of yoga is more than something we simply show up and "do." Aiming to create community and culture with an intention of healing, we invite you to arrive.  Settle in and delve in deeper, with us. 


Private Sessions

Turn inward.  Private yoga sessions can be tailored to individuals, small groups, professional events or corporate bookings. Benefit from specific alignment cues, appropriate pacing and variations, and skilled hands-on assisting.